Awakening dance battle. – 2016

Linarts production Talent competition (NYS). – 2016

Mzuka dance battle. – 2017

AHF (dunda yangu base yangu) season 1. – 2016

COUNT ME IN dance for the King Competition. – 2017

AHF (dunda yangu base yangu) season 2. – 2017

Mzuka Dance Battle. – 2018.

Dance Afrique competition. – 2019.

Mzuka Dance Battle. – 2019



The best young dance crew 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020.

Xtreem Award. – Emerging crew of the year. –

Nairobi Music Award. – Emerging crew of the year. –

Mzuka Award. – Most promising crew of the year. –

Recognized by groove as one of the top crews in Kenya.

YOUTUBE Sensation crew – 2019 & 2020.

W.O.D BEST Remix – 2021

Young Tit Dance Crew

Young Tit Dance Crew is a Modern Dance Crew, where dancers learn from some of the Best choreographers and Trainers in Nairobi - KENYA. We are a Hip Hop Based Dance Crew but we also major in other various arts in the Dance Industry. We train and coach young youths and teenagers of all ages from the slums of Mathare, Huruma, Dandora & beyond. We train all levels of Hip Hop Dance & Others Dance Arts Skills.

Young Tit Dance Company is where you can learn, rehearse, create, collaborate and grow as a dancer. Our crew promotes a supportive and a friendly environment, where we also mentor and coach the members to be responsible and productive members in the society.

The important goal of the crew is for each dancer to use Dance as a way to follow their dreams from dancing for fun to dancing around the world and use dance as a career opportunity.
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Our Weekly Schedule

Our Weekly Schedule